Windows Hosts File Manager

Windows Hosts File Manager

Windows Hosts File Manager

I had an issue recently, with a router I had purchased for my home network. Being a developer, I host alot of my own websites, as a result I tie the real life FQDNs to them.  What I found was that I was not able to browse any of my development websites from inside my local network, by their FQDN, without first adding the IP -> Domain to my hosts file.

Now, the real fix to the issue would be to simply enable an option in my routers control panel, however, it seems that Ci$co feels differently, even though there is a big calling for it.  They added a “feature” to all their newest home routers (and all their Link$y$ brands as well), that blocks what’s known as DNS Rebinding.  It also, apparently blocks NAT Addressing, which is an option in the CP, however, enabling/disabling it does nothing.

While this is a band-aid fix, and it did work, I needed something a little more than having to browse to this file every single time I wanted to make an update to it.

It’s a pretty simple project, basically just a text file parser that dumps the current records into a SQLCe database, that allows you to view and manage all the records in your hosts file.

I have only tested this by running it as an administrator, so I am unsure that un-elevated accounts will be able to use it or not, so best bet is once you get it, compile it, and run it is to make sure you are elevated.  If you do not know what this means, please search on Google, as I will not tell you…

Here’s the project in it’s entirety.  It’s for Visual Studio 2010, and has been tested to run on Windows 7.

Visual Studio 2010 Project Solution

NOTE: As of this writing, I have dumped the new router, and gone back to my older one, and the issue is now gone.


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